How To Select the Best Email Marketing platform for Your Company

Email Marketing platform

Email is the easiest and most successful medium for catching attention, generating leads, connecting with new and current consumers, and ultimately increasing sales and income, among the many marketing tools available to reach the target audience.

When establishing lasting connections with clients, there is no substitute for email marketing. But if you have a lot of people, you need to contact them by email, which might take a lot of time.

Such mundane activities may be handled by marketing departments and company owners with the help of email automation services. A solid platform provides a solid foundation upon which to build a plan.

This post is intended to assist you in your search for the best email marketing platform for your company. So without wasting any more time, let’s dive straight into the topic.

Key Elements To Consider In An Email Marketing platform

While the specific features needed for an email marketing platform may vary depending on the nature of the campaign, the target audience, the company, etc., several universal elements should always be considered.

Let’s say a company’s goal is to increase website engagement and customer retention by decreasing the percentage of abandoned shopping carts.

The following capabilities of an email marketing platform will help them do this:


Being more visible to the target audience is the a key factor that accelerate demand.

1. Customer Management Software

Businesses may compile a list of customers’ names and email addresses using the appropriate email marketing platform.

You may provide clients with tailored suggestions by gathering information like their address, birthday, and phone number, among other data points.

Most platforms allow you to add contacts in several different methods, such as typing in the information yourself, extracting contacts from a file, or integrating a form on the site that gathers data and adds it to your contacts.

2. Segmentation

By breaking up your client base into smaller groups, you can send each subset more relevant emails and use aggregated stats to determine which strategies yield the greatest results.

At a high level, businesses may classify their clientele into four segments:

Demographic- reveals insights about who your customer is.

Psychographic- gives attributes of customers’ persona.

Behavior- It uses information about a contact’s visit history and subsequent purchases.

Geographic- It provides you with information about the customer’s location.

E-commerce marketers may better cater to their target demographic by using customer data to create targeted email ads for specific audience subsets using a customer segmentation list.

This guarantees improved client acquisition and retention and higher email open and click-through rates.

As a result, you’ll see a rise in business and income, and your consumers will become more devoted. The best email marketing platform will allow you to segment your consumer base easily.

3. A streamlined interface

To be successful, an email marketing platform must have a straightforward interface. A simple, uncomplicated design allows you to quickly assess the state of your data with just a look.

People may have trouble finding essential functions if the user interface is poorly designed.

Email marketing software often provides summaries of data with further details and some fundamental insights.

Making comparisons, quickly assessing the issue, and acting on it are all facilitated by a clean design.

4. Seamless integration of company data

For customized email marketing, your platform of choice should be able to pull real-time data from your customer relationship management (CRM) software, recommendation engine, catalog, etc.

Selecting an email marketing platform that works in tandem with your CRM will save you time and effort when it comes to updating lists, facilitating the management of essential content and customer data, and summarization of critical metrics.

Connecting your email marketing efforts to the transactional aspects of your company may be achieved, for instance, via a connection with WordPress, Shopify, or your customer relationship management software.

Improving your marketing approach by merging two separate tasks is possible via social media.

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5. Email Templates

Pre-made email templates are a handy feature of many email marketing systems. 

Newsletters, promotions, festivals, surveys, and so forth are all examples of standard classifications for templates. Standardization and increased efficiency are the results of using email templates.

By using a pre-made email template, you can ensure that all of your email contacts have great and consistent brand exposure without having to include images and other material in each message manually.

Carefully crafted email templates allow your email marketing team to communicate efficiently with various subsets of your email list.

6. Campaign Management

To provide a unified consumer experience, you may develop and manage a multi-channel campaign from the same control panel.

Data-rich statistics and visual dashboards let you monitor the Emails’ success and progress in real-time—follow up on Progress in Making a Sale.

7. Email Scheduling

Time-sensitive email marketing strategies may be created to increase sales in anticipation of a holiday or other occasion.

Black Friday is a great day to hold a stock clearance sale, while New Year’s Eve is a great time to market certain items.

8. Real-time personalization

Real-time user data, including demographics, interests, recruitment channels, events, device technology, and geolocations, should all guide your micro-segmentation strategy.

Micro-segments should be based on data acquired from several touchpoints, such as website visits and ad viewings.

After this data is combined with the already-existing client information, better suggestions may be made.

You may reach out to prospective consumers by email at the optimal time and frequency.

9. Effectively Managing Responses

The ability to examine replies to campaign-sent emails is facilitated through response handling.

Insights regarding your client base may be gleaned from the feedback you get.

The marketing team may take action to improve the present FAQ section to address some of these concerns if commonalities and questions tend to occur repeatedly.

10. Automation of Emails

Data on the efficacy of your email marketing is gathered and reported by email marketing platforms. You may use the automation functions to build up email triggers.

Customers’ landing page activity, purchases, and search history may all be used to generate highly targeted suggestions that can be sent directly to them.

This is a fantastic method of connecting with clients and assisting them in making purchases.


In terms of marketing, sales, and even customer satisfaction, the email marketing platform has an essential role.

Numerous options exist; therefore, it’s important to bear in mind the following key points when selecting a suitable platform for your company.

  • Assess your company’s requirements.
  • Consider factors other than price.
  • Prioritize acquiring the most important features.

When it comes to the success of your company, an efficient email marketing platform may be one of the most significant investments you make, so be careful and check all the features mentioned above.

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