What Is PLG Marketing? What Are The Steps To Execute It?

PLG Marketing

Product-led growth (PLG), a marketing model where the product drives user acquisition, expansion, conversion, and retention, is something you’ve probably heard of.

Of course, you’ve also heard of marketing.
The two are now being combined to create product-led growth marketing.

So, We anticipated your query.

We’ll discuss PLG marketing and its attributes in this article. We’ll also show you how to put a successful PLG marketing plan into practice. Know everything about it.

PLG Marketing: What Is It?

Product-led growth marketing is a method for gaining customers that integrates marketing activities with the principles of product-led growth strategies.

To put it another way, PLG marketing makes use of the product as a sales and marketing tool by letting customers see and feel its benefits.

Product-led growth marketing is a method for gaining customers that integrates marketing activities with the principles of product-led growth strategies.

To put it another way, PLG marketing makes use of the product as a sales and marketing tool by letting customers see and feel its benefits.

In a firm that is driven by its products, the marketing team, customer success team, sales team, and product team don’t operate independently. Instead, they collaborate in a PLG business, with the customer at the heart of the product and the product at the center of the marketing.

How PLG Marketing Is Beneficial For SaaS Companies?

It is a dream of every SaaS company to have a greater IPO. As the companies with huge IPOs have higher growth in revenue, increase in gross margin. But the companies need to get to that position where they can launch an IPO, and for that as companies need to increase their perfection in the performance and this can be done by the help of PLG strategy

It is mandatory for a software company or SaaS company to employ PLG marketing. It has the company in various way mentioned below: 

Before implementing PLG marketing you should check out how it is different from traditional or sales led growth marketing?


Brand awareness is an inevitable part for any brand to generate demand across their business journey


Being more visible to the target audience is the a key factor that accelerate demand.

Three Pillars Of PLG Marketing That Makes It So Interesting:-

Below are the three Pillars of PLG marketing strategy that makes it so unique and interesting. 

  1. Promotion Using the Product- 

The product serves as the primary means of communication with clients for the PLG marketing team. This is distinct from traditional marketing or sales-led growth, which mainly rely on advertisements, email marketing, content marketing, and other strategies.

PLG marketing staff inform clients of feature releases, updates, and announcements through in-app messaging. Users may be inspired to explore the tool more after hearing these announcements.

A marketer can also track user information like behavior and preferences when consumers interact with in-app messages. This information enables your marketing team to provide contextually relevant advice and create profitable upsell possibilities.

  1. Utilizes product data

The magic potion of the PLG marketing team is product analytics. Any product-led growth team and product manager can use it to track user behaviour and come to wise conclusions on how to enhance the product.

Data from product analytics also enables them to identify crucial activation points that spur usage and sales across their consumer base.

To find potential champions and power users, a product-led growth marketer also looks at customer sentiment data and product usage data. They will then interact with them in order to get feedback or recommendations, aiding in the product’s spread online.

  1. Considering Paying Customers

In a PLG strategy, your product is the main aspect of the marketing. It can assist with a variety of tasks, including marketing and sales. In a PLG strategy product is the main element that help the current users to be converted into paying customers as they appreciate the value of the product. 

However, you will need a little number of free users to grow that helps in targeting customers at a large scale. In the past, your marketing team would create specialised organic acquisition channels, such referrals, affiliate programmes, and SEO, to raise the number of potential consumers in order to address the pool of free users. 

What Are The Ways To Execute A Successful PLG Marketing Strategy??

  1. Identifying the users and upgrading it.

It is very important to identify the prime users in a product driven market you can take many actions to convert them with In-app prompts, Targeted emails, Personalized demo offers and discounts

These tools will help you to grow your team and identify the potential consumers who can be converted in the mean time. To get the correct way to execute PLG strategy Toplyne helps you with using your product data that will help to increase the conversion of your freemium user base to the paying customers. 

It helps to give your SaaS sales staff the pertinent data that they need to convert the freemium consumers into paying customers. To carry out your go-to-market strategy, experiment with various conversion tactics and techniques. Remarketing, automated messaging, sales-assistance gestures, and in-product nudges are all options.

Focus on important business indicators by integrating with your current marketing tools and product usage statistics (from Mixpanel, Amplitude, etc.). Toplyne analyses active consumers with both high and low conversion potential using the product data. Additionally, you may integrate with invoicing services like Stripe and email marketing automation solutions like Clearbit.

  1. Self-Guided tours will help you to get clearance: 

Self guided tours are the most effective way to know about the pre programmed version of your product before signing into an account or subscribing to a plan. Self guided tours are virtual view that helps you to decide whether the product is working in a right way or not. 

 It is the most powerful marketing and sales strategies that allow the new customers to get a demo of your product and how does it works. In this strategy to users are able to check the product with the help of real examples of common cases. This strategy helps you to improve your product according to the customers feedback and suggestions. 

  1. Use of In-App Guidance: 

Lightboxes, carousels, banners, and other in-app messaging features enable product-led organisations to interact with users and customers directly through the product.

Such messages can support cross-sell and upsell campaigns, assist in gathering user feedback, and help users get through roadblocks. Customers respond to in-app messages more than push notifications or emails since they appear when the user is actively using the product.

It also help the PLG marketing teams to notify their customers about: 

  • New upcoming products.
  • Improved features.
  • The improvisation in the product functionalities to give the users a better experience. 
  • Giving the complete feedbacks or reviews for further improvisation. 
  • Reports about other resources or upcoming events. 

Staying in contact with both old and new users help the plg team to improve their functionalities of the product and hence leads to the upgradation of the product according to the customers. Infobition in the product helps in the customers growth and sales growth. 

PLG Marketing: Do You Like This Growth Strategy?

Every stage of product management, from onboarding and pricing to sales and expansion, is where PLG marketing involves marketing specialists. The most effective cross-functional, multichannel marketing strategy for customer growth!

To make sense of all the marketing and customer data you gather, you also need a tool that is equally active. You must use Toplyne.

It will use information from your product analytics platform to help you swiftly locate every possible customer and product-qualified lead and apply your preferred go to market strategy.

To get the most out of your product marketing strategies and increase consumer conversions like never before, sign up for Toplyne today.


PLG Marketing is a leading performance-driven marketing agency that specializes in product-led growth, user acquisition, and customer retention. Our data-driven approach helps businesses optimize their marketing strategies and accelerate their growth. With a focus on demand generation and conversion optimization, we help our clients achieve their business goals and exceed their expectations. Contact us today to learn more about how PLG Marketing can help your business succeed.

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