How to Add a Discount for First-Time Customers to Your Shopify Store

Discount for First-Time Customers

To appeal to your customers to continue shopping with you, Discount is the best way. Moreover, you can give a warm welcome to your customers by offering a maximum off on their first order. Although there are certain to follow while creating first order discounts. To learn it, please read the article below.

The perks of e-commerce customer loyalty programs while running a store on Shopify cannot be summed up in words. Incentivizing the first purchase of the customers can be a great start to it. All these little steps will help you to strengthen the foundation of the customer base.

Common Challenges In Shopify 'New Customer' Segment

Every Shopify retailer receives a predefined customer category called “New.” All of the customers who haven’t made a purchase from your store yet are included in this group filter. However, it also includes clients who have previously visited your website and even subscribed to your newsletter.

For some retailers, this group might be a little bit deceptive. They believe that all new customers who register for the first time are included in this group. However, a few customers have already signed up for mailers or have left your store while checking out. As a result, the group is made up of clients who have never made an order.

Method To Create a New Customer Section or Your First-Time Customers in Shopify

To establish a new customer marketing campaign, the prime focus should be on individuals who have never previously registered any personal information with your store, or individuals who are actually “new customers.

To group customers into segments that only include new users, take the following actions:

Step 1: Go to “Customers” in the admin menu.

Step 2: Choose “All Customers” from the Customer segment dropdown menu.

Step 3: Apply the rule “Number of orders” followed by “is equal to,” “and,” “customer add date” in the field. You will be given a list of date ranges to select from in this section.

Step 4: By choosing “On or after date,” Choose the date. The important thing here is to select a date that excludes any customers who provided data to your website prior to the start of your campaign.

Step 5: Name the new segment and then click “Apply filter.” We advise “First-time customers” or “New Customers.”


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Ways To Include A Discount for New Customers in the New Segment

Once you have created your new customer segment, creating the discount code itself is simple.

Step 1: Go to “Discounts” in the admin menu.

Step 2: Select “Create discount” from the menu.

Step 3: Decide on “Discount code.”

Step 4: Create the discount code or add it.

Step 5: Choose the discount type and any other guidelines.

Step 6: Make sure to select “Specific customer segments” and your predefined segment under the “Customer eligibility” section.

Step 7: If you only want a new customer to use the discount code once, choose “Limit to one use per customer” under the “Usage limits” section.

Note: Be mindful of coupon fraud and abuse whenever providing any kind of customer discount and learn how to defend your company against it.


Utilizing Shopify apps can make the checkout and fulfillment process simpler and aid in mapping the e-commerce customer journey. Make sure that the customer’s order is shipped right away following the completion of the purchase in order to maximize the impact of first-time shopper offers. Making a good first impression is essential to gaining repeat business and can result in positive customer reviews, which may draw in additional customers.

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