How to Drive Conversions on Your Shopify Store’s Landing Page

Shopify Store's Landing Page

A Shopify landing page can be defined as a page for your store that is exclusively designed for products and services that needs to be promoted in the marketing campaigns. The main motto is to ask users to apply a particular conversion action such as buying something, form filling or registering for a service.

In short it converts visitors into potential buyers. This target needs to be accomplished when the visitors enter your landing page. They must tap on the ‘CTA‘ call to action button

How is the landing page different from the homepage?

The purpose of the homepage is mainly used for product introduction and brand introduction. On the other hand, landing pages are primarily used for maximizing conversion rates of the online website.

Significance of Landing Pages

When a user inquires about you on their search engine or keeps a tab on your social posts they are most likely to come across on your landing page. Landing page is the first thing they find on your website. You can also say it sets up the initial impression of the brand.

This page will impact a lot of potential customers visiting your page. Most of the users search for their desired products rather than finding directly about the brand on their search engines. The product will direct them to your page in the Search Engine Results Pages. Hence, the landing page determines brand conversions and perceptions


Being more visible to the target audience is the a key factor that accelerate demand.

4 Must Include Components‍ On Your Landing Page to Improve Conversions

1. Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Product differentiation is the main element that determines your unique selling proposition. You need to communicate to your visitors the characteristics which make your product or service distinctive from your competitors. An ideal USP key to draw a clear picture and goal of your brand on the user’s mind.

2. Provide clear product descriptions

The product descriptions should be brief and expressed in simple and lucid language so that customers find it easy to understand the usages of the product. This will help your customers to make better choices. Moreover, they could easily visualize the desired product.

3. Keep a check on abandoned carts

If a customer has left your page without making any purchase, then it’s a sign to expand your email marketing and keep your customers well informed about your brand.

Catapult Brand Demand with Strategic Content Marketing​

Having a content-first approach helps you to create the authority in the sector and generate demand for your brand.

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4. Upsell and cross-sell products consistently

Practice upsell & cross-sell tactics to showcase the advantages of buying other products along with the featured items. This may optimize the average order value.

5 Best Tips to Boost Conversions On Your Landing Page

To boost conversions on the landing page, follow the below tricks:-

1. Speed up the page loading time

The page which takes longer to load in’t likely to see any visitors on their page, they may go away in search for a better website. It’s necessary to pay keen attention towards it because you invest greater time to build a landing page to yield conversions. Fastening the loading of your page can strike a positive impact on the conversions.

2. Create informative headlines

Many Shopify stores focus only on the product and its features on their landing page. Talking about the product isn’t enough to persuade your customers to buy the product. Your headlines must include the benefits that your product would offer them. This will help them in visualizing the outcome that the product would offer them.

3. Understand your potential customers

You must understand your target audience in order to create a landing page that appeals to them and strikes a chord with them. And you need to know more about your customers’ motivations, desires, and frustrations than just their demographics and hazily defined target markets.

To accomplish that, you’ll need to put yourself in your customers’ position, begin thinking like them, and customize the content and layout of your landing page to reflect what they actually want. Your landing page should demonstrate to your visitors that you are aware of their problems and concerns

4. Seek social proof

The claims made by businesses are not accepted by the public. It’s just the way we were created. We are more likely to believe evaluations and testimonies provided by real customers who have used your products. Additionally, it’s very effective if you can name-drop significant media outlets or publications that have featured your brand.

Check to see if you can identify the customers by name and, with their consent, display a headshot photo of them when you display testimonials. This gives the testimonial the appearance of being genuine rather than manufactured.

5. Add a FAQ section.

Customers will undoubtedly have inquiries about your offerings and policies. When they don’t get prompt responses to their questions, 53% of online shoppers give up on their purchases. An FAQ section is a really good idea.
An AI-powered chatbot that could address all of their doubts and provide answers in real time would be a preferable solution


It can be challenging to determine how to increase conversions on the landing page for your Shopify store. One of a company’s most crucial resources for gathering leads, increasing conversions, and tracking bounce rates is a landing page. However, creating a page that is effective takes time and attention. Business leaders must ensure they’re delighting customers by applying the tips mentioned above if they want to achieve a good ecommerce conversion rate.

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