6 SEO-Friendly Tips For Creating Product Descriptions

Product Descriptions for SEO

Do you want to guide potential buyers through the purchasing process? Good product descriptions that stand out from the crowd are essential to this process.

Products become more appealing and are more likely to be purchased if their descriptions are written with ingenuity and passion.

The purpose of product descriptions goes beyond providing essential information to potential buyers.

They are wonderful occasions to persuade someone that your item is, in fact, the answer they have been searching for all along.

Well-optimized product descriptions help with search engine optimization (SEO), which is essential for attracting more visitors and making more sales.

Our Top Tips When Writing Product Descriptions

Sadly, product descriptions seldom get to the top of the to-do list, so they often only receive a portion of the consideration they need.

So, what exactly does it take to write compelling product descriptions? It means they persuade site visitors to make a purchase and address any questions or concerns potential buyers may have.

Let’s talk about how to write product descriptions that get people to buy.

1. Understand your target customer

Any seasoned sales professional will tell you that the first step in developing a successful sales plan is to zero in on your ideal customer profile.

Create a profile of your target audience, including demographic information like age, gender, region, marital status, and household income.

You can’t write content that will persuade a consumer to choose your product above the competition if you have no idea what that buyer thinks.

Once you’ve established your ideal customer, you can write content with them in mind rather than with search engine bots.

For better SEO results, write in the same tone of voice as your target audience when describing products.

Then, you can purposefully include those keywords in your content, increasing the likelihood that your intended audience will find it.

Target Customers​

Always write your product description for you audience and know what they are looking for.


Make you product description scannable and understandable in one go.

2. Make use of appealing words

David Ogilvy, an advertising magnate, claims that engaging language might result in more purchases. The use of these phrases may motivate readers to take action.

It is equally important to be forthright and honest while describing our goods. While it’s important to be forthright, it’s also essential to play on the product’s qualities to inspire and persuade the reader.

See below for a sample of persuasive writing used to advertise a pricey dress:

The phrases in the product description provide the reader with a clear picture of the dress’s quality.

If the reader has this knowledge, they may be persuaded to purchase the outfit since they will appreciate its worth.

3. Ensure that your copy can be scanned and it is straightforward.

The typical visitor reads only approximately 20% of a page’s content. In the same way, shoppers are likely to skim the information provided in your product descriptions.

Product descriptions that effectively showcase the product’s most vital selling qualities are more likely to result in a purchase.

Search engine algorithms make every effort to provide users with accurate results rather than those that mislead them.

The use of overused big words such as “greatest,” “top ranking,” and “second-to-none” might have a negative impact on your search engine results.

Online shoppers are often unfamiliar with the specialized language sometimes employed in online store descriptions.

Users will be able to quickly ascertain whether or not they are interested in your product if you avoid fillers and concentrate on conveying the essential information.

4. Put your words to best use and tell stories

One of the best ways to get people interested in your product and ultimately buy it is via the use of a compelling story.

When we consider the readers on the other end of the screen, we must remember that they can neither see nor touch the product in question.

This is why it might be effective to use imaginative language when explaining the product’s characteristics.

Here’s an illustration:

5. Organize your product descriptions for smartphones

The next thing you need to do is consider how your descriptions are organized. Neither lengthy essay format nor one-liners are desired.

It would be best if you write concise, informative product descriptions that are simple to browse. Here are the suggestions we have for you:

  • Make use of bullet points while describing your products.
  • You should keep the length of the descriptions to no more than two paragraphs, although this will, of course, depend on your website’s layout.
  • If possible, provide clickable links in the product descriptions to facilitate cross-selling.

To make the piece even more easily scannable on mobile devices, you may have it formatted as a drop-down menu. As an added bonus, you may also discuss a size chart and similar topics here.

Catapult Brand Demand with Strategic Content Marketing​

Having a content-first approach helps you to create the authority in the sector and generate demand for your brand.

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6. Be strategic while picking your seo keywords

Although keywords aren’t the only factor in creating high-quality SEO product descriptions, they are crucial if you want to get high search engine rankings.

Using well-thought-out keywords improves your site’s visibility in Google search results. To get started, do some in-depth research on potential keywords.

Consider the following while making your decisions:

  • How often is that term or phrase searched for by users of search engines (search volume)
  • How simple or complex it will be to get first-page Google results for that term.
  • How many correlated search phrases are excellent matches for your writing.

Short and long-tail keywords might be useful for search engine optimization purposes. Longer search phrases indicate a more precise user intent, increasing the likelihood that your content will be helpful.


Creating effective SEO product descriptions isn’t rocket science, but it does need some skill. If you want to produce content that convinces customers to purchase your product, you need to emphasize the value they will get from the qualities that set it apart from the competition.

Instead of listing features, explain how they improve the customer’s situation. You can’t afford to take SEO copywriting casually if you want to increase product sales by attracting more visitors from search engines to your website.

Writing content optimized for search engines is essential for every company that wants to increase its visibility on search engines and, by extension, its sales.

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