How to increase the visibility of your business?

increase the visibility of your business

You may have the best business idea in the world and the motivation to see it succeed, but if no one knows about it, you’re not going to be able to reach your goals. Take this guide on how to increase the visibility of your business and put it into action today; with these tactics, you’ll soon start seeing the benefits of all your hard work!

1. List your business using Google my business

Google My Business is a free and easy way to tell people about what you do, where you do it, and when. It’s also a free way for people looking for your products or services to find out about you. 

You can list yourself on Google My Business in just a few minutes. Once you’ve verified your account, add information like: 

1) A detailed description of what you offer; 

2) The categories that best describe your business;

 3) Locations and hours of operation; 

4) Your website URL and phone number. 

These changes will help make it easier for people to find your business online. Just remember to keep your business listing up-to-date as you grow. 

2. Make use of PR and press opportunities

  • A press release is a public relations tool that can be used to increase the visibility of your business, public awareness for an event, product, or service. 
  • It can be issued in any format, but is typically a brief news story with contact information and a few details about what is being announced. 
  • PR is a great way to get the word out about what you’re doing. Make sure you’ve got a LinkedIn profile and are taking advantage of social media channels. 
  • Find out if there are any press opportunities in your area and see if you can get mentioned in local newspapers. 
  • It’s also important that you let people know about what you’re doing and that they have access to samples or coupons so they can try it firsthand. 
  • One way to do this is by setting up a table at festivals, markets, stores, and community events. 
  • You’ll be able to provide people with information as well as samples of your product which will help grow awareness for your brand


Brand awareness is an inevitable part for any brand to generate demand across their business journey


Being more visible to the target audience is the a key factor that accelerate demand.

3. Get involved in your local community

Getting involved in your local community is a great way to increase the visibility of your business. Joining organizations that are aligned with what you do and getting involved in conferences and events can help expose you to new audiences. Plus, it’s always good for networking!

  • Try joining an organization or two that aligns with what you do and see if they have any upcoming events where you could speak on a panel or attend as an attendee. 
  • You may also want to contact them about speaking on a panel if there isn’t one coming up soon. After you’ve done this, be sure to follow up a few months later to check back in with how everything went.
  • If you’re looking for more conferences or events where you could speak on a panel or attend as an attendee, then go here. You can search by   keyword and location.
  • Find out if there are some panels at other conferences that you could participate in too. 
  • Participating at these types of events will make people aware of who you are and what you do. It will also allow you to connect with like-minded individuals which can result in future partnerships. 
  • It might even lead to increased interest from potential customers so don’t forget to handout some cards!

4. Use targeted advertising with piggybacking

  • Targeted advertising is a good way to get new customers. Piggybacking on someone else’s campaign can be an inexpensive way for you to market your business and reach a new audience. 
  • For example, if you are a baker, promote your product by running ads about cakes during the Valentine’s Day season. 
  • The large company that runs the holiday season will see an uptick in revenue from people who buy flowers or other gifts from them because they saw your ad and want to include something sweet with their purchase.
  • You can also use this technique when there is a relevant holiday: Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve, etc. It might be too late for this year but don’t wait until next year! 
  • This strategy works well in conjunction with traditional forms of advertising such as TV commercials, radio ads, and newspaper/magazine ads because it gives these more expensive strategies more bang for their buck by expanding the number of people who see them (remember ).

5. Get to Start-Up Directories

  • You may be able to get a leg up on your competition by submitting information about your company to start-up directories. 
  • These websites are lists of new and emerging companies that are compiled by online search engines like Google and Yahoo. 
  • They’re not too difficult to find, just type start-up directories into any major search engine and you’ll have plenty of sites to choose from.
  • Be sure to include as much relevant detail as possible, including what you do, when you started, where you’re located, how long your company has been in business, etc. 
  • You can submit an email address for anyone interested in more information or call their toll free number to speak with a representative. 
  • There is no charge for inclusion but there is often an annual fee for updating your listing on some sites.


The best way to increase the visibility of your business is by using social media. Start with a Facebook page and Instagram account, and then use them as often as you can. Share new products, photos and videos that showcase what you do in a creative way. 

You might also want to post about events like workshops, classes or contests for customers. Also be sure to mention where you are located and include links to your website or contact information so people can find out more information about you. To increase the visibility of your business, create engaging posts on social media that focus on both who you are and what you offer.

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