Shopify Millionaires’ Advice: 5 Hacks to Get Repeat Purchases

Repeat Purchases

Repeat customers maintain the success rate of every business. Since most purchases are made by the loyal customers in your company. Is there a trick to maximize your recurring customers and take your business to another level?

A repeat customer is a person who makes frequent purchases from your company. They are the main pillars of the business because they have a good contribution to sales. Most importantly their referrals may invite a lot of traffic to your website

5 Simple Hacks to get repeat purchases

1. Customize user experiences

Two primary marketing factors to increase profits are upselling and cross-selling. Many e-commerce brands keep their targeted customers informed about the latest offers & incentives. In exchange, the customers may shop from your site to avail of discounts.

Keep in mind, to avoid spamming your customers as they may get easily irritated or annoyed by your constant mails. Remember to strive for a proper balance.


Being more visible to the target audience is the a key factor that accelerate demand.

2. Giving rewards to your regular customers

You can shower appreciation and concern towards your customers by giving them special perks. Being one of the loyal customers of your company, they should feel valued. Working on a customer loyalty programme is the best decision.

Although you may have to dilute 5% to 10% of your profits, it’s worth it because it keeps your customer lifetime value consistent. This will yield profitable returns in the future.

3. Engage with your customers

Every marketer knows the importance of branding. Email marketing is one of the effective factors to maximize customer-business interaction. Referring to your database will enrich you with more practical experiences and will help to build a good impression on your customers.

The more your customers know about your business, the better their business interaction. You can send them an email be it a launch of your latest collection, super discount or a peek-a-boo of your brand. All these details would make the customers feel that they are a part of your family.

4. Build a solid online presence

Nowadays the motive of the brands is not just to exist as a business entity but to understand and nurture a good bonding with their customers. Regular interaction of the brand with the customers will keep them close. A solid social media (Facebook Page, Instagram Page etc.) presence can help businesses to accomplish such goals and win customers’ trust.

The way you address your customers, how you convey subtle messages, how you design your packaging—everywhere you look, branding is present. Make sure to continue promoting your brand everywhere you go

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Having a content-first approach helps you to create the authority in the sector and generate demand for your brand.

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5. Provide free delivery

One of the effective mantras that keep your customers intact is free shipping. It’s unfortunate to see some sellers charging higher delivery fees and letting their customers go easily. Customers love free shipping since nobody is willing to spend a penny that they aren’t consuming.

To enhance your customer retention rate, provide free shipping to your users. Moreover, you can set a minimum order value to get free shipping. This will also add up to the average order value.


According to the survey, repeat customers are the real assets of the company. Loyalty doesn’t come for free, it is hard-earned. It’s essential to take care of your customers and pay proper attention to them. Always making them feel valued.

 This article will guide you through several ways to express gratitude towards your customers. Although it may cost you something but will guarantee long term benefits

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