8 Tips To Promote Your Video Content

Producing a high-quality corporate video requires skill, effort, and money. It may be time-consuming and costly to make a video, regardless of whether you do it alone or hire a team. 

The main issue is that the advertising plan is frequently neglected after putting in so much time and effort to create a fantastic end product.

Perhaps you’ve mastered the art of advertising blog posts, but video content marketing is another fling. But we also know that video material has a significant impact on viewers. 

There is an 80% boost in conversion rates that can be achieved just by adding a video to your landing page. Therefore, it is worthwhile to put in the effort to encourage others to seek out, play, and see your video.

So you know your hard work in creating a high-quality video was not in vain, here

Add a video preview to your next mailing

Sending your videos to individuals currently engaged with your company is a simple and sensible method to expand your audience. 

Whether they signed up for your newsletter or filled out a form, those people have permitted you to send them an email; make use of that by sending them your finest work.

Although it’s not recommended to embed movies directly in emails due to technological difficulties, services like Wistia enable successfully combining video with email. 

Just copy the video’s email merge tag and paste it into your email provider to have the video’s thumbnail appear and send visitors to the video’s landing page.

This advertising method will help you get noticed without breaking the bank since you are not purchasing email lists and are probably already engaging in email marketing in some capacity.

Including the term “video” in an email’s subject line has been shown to increa

Use a focused video marketing strategy to reach your audience

Your organic video postings on social media probably won’t garner much attention. The good news is that customized Facebook and Twitter ads may be run on a tight budget and reach precisely the correct people. 

If you set up your campaigns correctly, you may get a massive increase in video views at a shoestring price.

If you know how to organize your campaigns, you may receive a significant increase in video views at a shoestring price. You may create campaigns in both systems to increase video views. 

You may efficiently reach responsive viewers by setting a total and daily budget, a defined time range to execute the campaign, and targeting crazily specific audiences. 

Find the optimal level of identifying your prospective leads based on what you already know about your audience. 

Remember that over-targeting might limit the possibility of anybody seeing your advertising. Upload a list of your existing customers, or build a lookalike audience to target individuals similar to your present clientele.


Being more visible to the target audience is the a key factor that accelerate demand.

Include a URL to a landing page that plays videos in your email signature

This advice is so essential and apparent that it makes me feel ridiculous putting it out, yet it’s also one that many marketers neglect. There is no expense associated with including a link to a page in an email signature. 

The potential increase in pageviews might be substantial depending on the number of individuals representing your company who communicate with potential clients. 

Promoting your video content is best done during daily discussions among sales, marketing, and support teams.

Add social media sharing icons to your video player

Making it simple for people to share your video is another low-effort, high-reward option to spread your content

If it’s that great, others will agree and hopefully feel motivated to spread the word. When it comes to the share button, digital publications rule. 

If you want to witness this strategy in action, you must visit your preferred news website.

Put your videos above the fold.

There is a direct correlation between where on your website you put your video and how often people will watch it. 

You may expand your video promotion efforts beyond just your website. You might miss out on traffic to your videos by not including them on your homepage or “About Us” page. Videos may be safely embedded on these sites

You’ll often be doing your visitors a solid by making it easier and more enjoyable for them to take in the content you provide.

Make your video the featured content on Twitter

You have the option of “pinning” your tweets to the very top of your profile page, which will bring them to the attention of as many people as possible. 

On Twitter, comedians post the funniest tweets they’ve ever written, politicians discuss their perspectives on current events, and celebrities promote their most recent endeavors and charitable causes. 

Move something to the top of your feed if you want other people to see it, and it’s something you’re proud of.

Catapult Brand Demand with Strategic Content Marketing​

Having a content-first approach helps you to create the authority in the sector and generate demand for your brand.

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Tease the video on Instagram

The Instagram Stories feature is the most engaging component of the Instagram program, which is now the third most popular social networking app. 

These immediate and easily consumable updates are like candy for the mind. It is a beautiful way to build up anticipation for new content and spread the word by posting a short clip of your most recent and best video to Instagram (especially Stories).

Although organic content has a lot of promise, it may be tough to build a large audience if you don’t already have one. 

This might be a challenge if you don’t already have an audience. You will have a greater chance of succeeding with targeted ads on Instagram.

If you are already active on the platform and have a presence there; nevertheless, even if this is not the case, you may still try out targeted advertisements in the Instagram feed or Instagram Stories. 

Using the Facebook advertising manager, you can quickly zero in on the people who fit the profile of your ideal customer, set up a basic advertising budget, and then let the ads do their thing.

Spread the news by word of mouth.

Instantaneous communication with individuals you know, have known, and wish to know is one of the most significant benefits of social networking. 

If you’ve invested time in building a network, you may ask your contacts to share your videos as long as you share theirs.

Do a casual content exchange with other marketers instead of paying sites to promote your goods. When the help is returned, an agreement may be reached quickly. 

Contact a few marketers you already know, quickly outlining why your video will appeal to their audience and offering to return the favor.


Videos are created with the expectation that a large number of people would see them and distribute them further. 

When you have regularly shown your video to new and returning viewers, the social benefits of video marketing will become obvious. 

As you make new relationships with people and your current clients get familiar with your staff, your network will grow. Start advertising your videos as soon as possible and don’t put it off any longer!

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