7 Most In-Demand Jobs In The Field of Digital Marketing

7 Most In-Demand Jobs In The Field of Digital Marketing

Jobs in digital media marketing are thriving thanks to the proliferation of e-commerce and the widespread trend of traditional firms moving online in the last several years.

Businesses are looking for skilled individuals who can assist them in effectively responding to shifting customer tastes and expanding their online presence across an increasing number of e-commerce platforms.

Digital marketers are in high demand across all sectors, making it an excellent time to make the switch or launch a new career in this area. 

Further, there is a wide variety of occupations in this field, each calling for a unique set of talents, interests, and personality traits.

Listed below is a  rundown of some of the fields projected to be in demand, along with the added advantage of an excellent wage trajectory in the future.

1. Content strategist

Recent years have seen a dramatic movement in marketing strategy away from the “hard sell” of conventional advertising and toward providing good content as a lead-generating technique.

Inside an organization’s marketing department, a content strategist is responsible for formulating a plan to meet the client’s or employer’s commercial objectives while also satisfying the wants and requirements of the target audience.

They achieve this by preparing high-quality, relevant material pertinent to the topic at hand and offering the reader some form of intrinsic value.

This raises the company’s authority in its sector, gains the confidence of prospective consumers, and affords the content team more opportunities to boost website traffic via means such as backlink building and search engine optimization.

Content strategists will design material to be published, and they will frequently work collaboratively with the SEO team to draft specific briefs for freelancers or an in-house team of writers, do market analysis, and undertake content audits.

A competent Content Strategist, therefore, has to be able to write well and produce material of the highest quality that can be distributed through various methods. 

Additionally, they should be sociable, imaginative, well-organized, and driven to succeed independently.

Potential Pay- The average yearly salary for this position is $73,900 and upwards according to glassdoor.

2. Social Media Manager

Getting your brand in front of your target audience on the most prominent social media platforms is a top priority for every digital marketing campaign.

Social media managers are in charge of the channels’ respective profiles, marketing, content, follower growth plans, and analytics tracking.

This position might be ideal for you if you spend a lot of time on social media, are always up-to-date on the latest news and topics, and have a thorough grasp of the different channels.

Managing a company’s official social media accounts and activity may be done for established businesses and ventures in various sectors.

In addition, you may also decide to work with influential and famous people by creating and managing their social media accounts.

Potential Pay- The average yearly salary for this position is $52,505 and upwards according to glassdoor.


Being more visible to the target audience is the a key factor that accelerate demand.

3. SEO/SEM Specialists

Successful digital marketing campaigns rely heavily on search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). 

Those who can show technical understanding and digital marketing experience, particularly management, will earn the most.

Expertise in SEO and SEM is challenging in part because of the dynamic nature of search engine algorithms.

Having a consistently high return on investment (ROI) requires businesses to remain current and understand how they function together, which may get more complicated as the company becomes larger.

In addition, an effective and well-balanced SEO/SEM strategy is crucial for online stores and other businesses that rely heavily on the internet traffic for revenue.

Getting a high position in search engine results is a goal for most firms; thus, employing employees with relevant skills is essential.

SEO Basics claims that the need for SEM professionals is increasing by about 100% annually and that the need for SEO specialists is continuing to rise to the point where there is a skills scarcity in the market.

Potential Pay- The average yearly salary for this position is  $50,505 and upwards according to glassdoor.

4. Email marketer

With 319.6 billion emails being sent daily by 2021, it’s clear that email is here to stay.

—if businesses want to reach their consumers, they need to take advantage of this widely used medium.

To do this, the email marketer must adhere to a strict directive that requires them to develop language and design that resonates with users on familiar ground and make the company’s emails pop out among the many others competing for their attention.

Not only that, but email and newsletters may be used for lead nurturing, traffic generation, conversion rate optimization, and general brand promotion.

Email marketers are responsible for creating campaigns that support the larger marketing team’s objectives, monitoring metrics like open rates, doing split tests, and determining the most effective wording and visuals for their brand’s email communications.

Potential Pay- Th

5. UX Designer

Designers specializing in user experience (UX) create and maintain websites and digital marketing tools from start to finish. 

They might have expertise in advanced design or a technological background.

Designers are required to concentrate on user experience (UX) and see the website as part of the larger marketing strategy and must be familiar with both the target demographic and the product or service they are promoting.

Their contributions are crucial in improving the likelihood of a website attracting new visitors and converting them into paying clients.

In most cases, they will play the starring role in managing the visual design and testing phases of a project with a view to improving the user experience.

Potential Pay- The average yearly salary for this position is $110,392 and upwards according to glassdoor.

6. PPC Specialist

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a kind of internet marketing in which the advertiser only pays when the ad is clicked on.

By far, the most popular kind of pay-per-click advertising is Google Ads, in which advertisers bid for placement toward the top of a search engine’s results page.

Ads on photographs, videos, and other post types may also be run on social networking sites like  Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and others.

A PPC expert’s duties include coming up with strategies for new advertising initiatives, keeping tabs on ongoing ones to see if they can be improved, and evaluating statistics to compile performance reports.

You’d collaborate closely with company executives and managers to develop effective advertising strategies.

You’ll need a strategic and analytical mind, combined with strong communication skills, to succeed in this demanding and rewarding profession.

Potential Pay- The average yearly salary for this position is  $52,514 and upwards according to glassdoor.

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7. Digital marketing manager

The manager of digital marketing is accountable for the smooth operation of digital channels and initiatives that attract new customers, build brand awareness, and expand the business.

The degree to which a digital marketing manager is involved in day-to-day operations is directly proportional to the scale of the organization.

Regardless, they will nearly always work closely with the head of marketing, the community manager, and the social media manager to make sure that everyone is on the same page and that the appropriate responsibilities are being assigned.

A thorough understanding of all things commercially relevant is essential for a Digital Marketing Manager to succeed.

Managers in the field of digital marketing need to be well-rounded, with experience in a wide range of areas and familiarity with a wide range of marketing tools.

Potential Pay- The average yearly salary for this position is $130,391 and upwards according to glassdoor.


Although there is always a role for conventional marketing methods, digital marketing is quickly becoming the primary choice. The field of digital marketing is rapidly evolving, with several exciting chances for the ambitious professional. 

Those seeking a dynamic professional environment will find plenty to like in this sector. You might discover your ideal digital marketing position from the abovementioned fields. Find a profession that fits your interests, talents, and personality.

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